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Ethics Committee

RA Ministry of Health “Academician S. Avdalbekyan National Institute of Health “CJSC Ethics Committee

On June 5, 2021, the RA Ministry of Health “Academician S. Avdalbekyan National Institute of Health CJSC has established an Ethics Committee (EC), which includes specialists from various departments and non-governmental organizations.

The main purpose of the Ethics Committee is to protect the rights and interests of the subjects involved in clinical trials.

The tasks of the Ethics Committee are:

Conduct biomedical research examinations in terms of ensuring ethical norms and rules

Compliance of the clinical-experimental research program (structure, participant selection, methods, methods, etc.) submitted to the EC discussion with international standards for quality research

Ensuring control (monitoring) of ethical norms և rules ժամանակ during clinical trials

Publication of ethical norms, rules, development of expert procedures

The Ethics Committee carries out its activities guided by the RA Constitution, RA legislation, RA Government decisions, RA Minister of Health orders, NIH charter, relevant international acts on respect for human rights, freedoms and dignity, the World Medical Association Helsinki Declaration, as well as biomedical and behavioral with other international documents.

The activities of the Ethics Committee are based on the principles of legality, publicity, awareness, human rights, freedoms, respect for honor and dignity, independence, the safety of potential participants in behavioral and biomedical research, protection of their rights, legitimate interests, protection of medical confidentiality and other related principles.

The Ethics Committee examines research plans, the involvement of human rights and health care mechanisms, independent of the researcher, the client, the sponsor and the medical institution.

List of documents to be submitted for ethical examination of biomedical examinations, notarized written consent form.

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