National Institute of Health

Goals and Objectives


The goals of the company are mainly the preparation of medical clinical guidelines, clinical standards, functions of responsible calibration bodies, development, implementation, control, collection of information for effective evaluation of the health system, preparation of national reports, collection of data on the potential of health personnel. in the creation.


The National Institute of Health after Academician S. Avdalbekyan CJSC of the RA Ministry of Health carries out works aimed at solving the problems arising from the main directions of healthcare development and strategy. In particular:

  • organizes postgraduate և additional educational programs to increase the knowledge of doctors, dentists, middle medical staff;
  • Implements the process of ensuring the continuous development of professional capacities, abilities and skills of individuals engaged in professional activities in the field of healthcare, ie the organization of the process of continuous professional development. Also implements the process of providing credits to educational programs,
  • Carrying out analysis and analysis of medical statistics from medical institutions, as well as conducting scientific research and monitoring to study the health status of the population;
  • Implementation of clinical and laboratory activities, including the provision of dental services,
  • Carries out publishing activities (publication of normative acts, reports, scientific-methodological literature, publication and reproduction of informative և other materials, publication of “Health Newsletter” monthly, “Health” magazine),
  • Implementation of other programs:

1) Preparation of national reports, in particular, on an annual basis. Compilation of the National Report on Drugs, National Health Accounts, Assessment Reports on the Performance of the Health System of Armenia,

2) Implementing an “HIV Infection Course” for medical staff with the support of the United Nations HIV / AIDS Agency;

  • Organization of scientific conferences, seminars and round tables.