National Institute of Health

Scientific department

The scientific department organizes and coordinates the work of the Teaching and Scientific and Scientific Research Councils, the main functions of which are scientific research on modern healthcare, as well as the establishment of books and doctoral theses, pre-protection.

The Scientific Council of the “National Institute of Health after Academician S. Avdalbekyan” CJSC of the RA Ministry of Health is a representative, consultative body to discuss and make decisions on the main issues of health, scientific, educational and methodological activities. During its activity, the Academic Council is guided by the RA Laws on Scientific and Scientific Activities, the RA Law on Education, the NIH Charter, the Academic Council Rules of Procedure and other legal documents, which regulate the activities of RA health and scientific-educational institutions.

  • The Scientific Council decides on the main issues of the organization of scientific and educational activities,
  • The main directions of scientific research,
  • Approves the project of dissertation works (annotation plans),
  • Confirms the opinion of the leading organization on dissertations;
  • Discusses the reports of the Director of the NIH, Deputy Directors, Heads of Structural Departments on the results of their work հեռ Perspective development program,
  • Discusses the documents sent from other institutions of the Republic & approves the reviews on them;
  • Discusses proposals for awarding honorary titles to NIH employees,
  • Approves the guarantees of publishing manuals, monographs, textbooks, methodological instructions, other scientific-educational materials;
  • Exercises other authorities arising from the legislation of the Republic of Armenia & the charter of the institute,
  • Awarded the title of “Honorary Professor of the NIH”.

The members of the Scientific Council are:

  • The director of the NIH,
  • Scientific Secretary:
  • Leading scientists of biomedicine, medical education, practical healthcare of the Republic,
  • Specialists in other related fields